UGX 5,500

Enjoy healthy salt


This Organic 100% Natural Sea Salt for Treating Piercing 1kgHealth Benefits.1. Burns Bad Fats from your Body resulting into best weightloss and body shaping.2. Reduces Diabetes 3. Reduces Muscle Cramps 4. Improves Digestion Right from the Start.5. Contains Naturally Occurring Iodine6. Improves Body Fluids Balancing.7. Reduces Blood Pressure 8. Excellent For Red Blood Cells9. Strengthens Your Entire Foods Sea salt is slightly ‘richer’ than regular table salt. Although both salts mainly consist of sodium chloride, sea salt has a more complex composition. Apart from sodium chloride it also contains minerals and trace elements. These give sea salt a different texture and its irregular grain structure provides its special taste.

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