Katlan Baby Soya Porriedge 1kg

UGX 6,000

Key Features
30% carbohydrates
9% water
5% ash (table)
40% proteins
20% lipids

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Soya Maize Porridge- 1Kgone of the best starter porridges you can give your baby. The very smooth texture makes it easy to swallow, and its bland taste is readily accepted and well tolerated by most babies.soybeans contain approximately 40% proteins and 20% lipids , while maize contains only about 10% proteins and 4.5% lipids , the novel 20% soybean stiff porridge typically represents a boost of 60% in protein and 69% in lipid composition (flour blend compositions: 16.0% protein and 7.6% lipid).protein and soybean oil content account for 56% of dry soybeans by weight (36% protein and 20% fat, table). The remainder consists of 30% carbohydrates, 9% water and 5% ash (table). Soybeans comprise approximately 8% seed coat or hull, 90% cotyledons and 2% hypocotyl axis or germ.

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